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Take on the Home 'Recker as a corporate challenge! You could WIN a catered lunch for up to 10 people!
Winners must pick up order if not within our delivery radius. Please call for additional details and to set up your challenge.

Home 'Recker

Can You Conquer It?

A nearly 2 lb bun is topped with 1½ lbs of our house-smoked andouille sausage, 2 lbs of pulled pork, a hot shower of Texas Sauce, a pint of coleslaw and 6 oz of our very own “Brain Buster” pickles.

Finish it all in 40 minutes or less and get a champion t-shirt, a place of honor in the hall of fame and the sandwich is free!

If you don't finish...

well, you owe us $39.95.


Please call ahead, the Home 'Recker requires 24 hours notice.

Many have tried, but only two brave souls have completed the challenge!



Jamie "The Bear" McDonald

Michael Barth



Samuel Akainyah

David Gonzales

robbie Aronoff

Jonathan Kersey (x2)

Beckett Horner

Andy "Beast" Chaet

Doug Oberman

Johnny Reynolds

Brian Medansky

Paul Lishnevsky

Mary Parry

Helena Samios Lambke

Pat Cassidy

Michael Barth

Tanner Straker

Matt Jensen

Zack Kwarta

Nick Darnell

Matt Kaskey

Irv Leavitt

Nick Keefe

Stu Nitzkin

Austin Hill

J.C. Palma

Jake O'Kearns

Mike Xie

John Fiher

Joe Vejes

Dylan Field


Jake the Wizard

Ben Hogin

Neil Thoele